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enhanc3urlif3 is a nonprofit that provides recovery services for those that suffer with mental health and addiction issues.
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​​After many attempts at rehab and recovery I finally stayed in recovery for a full year.  I learned so much on my journey- what to do and what not to do-and I continue to learn today.  I had to challenge my old thinking and actually learn to love the process of change that scared me for so many years.  But, I had many mentors, sponsors and peers helping me along the way.    I learned real quick to ask for help and now I have many years clean and many years helping others both in recovery and a clinical treatment setting.  So;
My personal purpose working for you in this program would be to assist you in the process of recovery for 1 year, in embracing change, instillation of hope & development of the habits to create your expected results. We learn to make better choices, we improve all your relationships, seek  clarity in all things we do and want to do as we create the life you desire.
I am here to help you achieve the results you desire.
I am here to help you break free and grow.
I am here to get you through "just surviving."
I am here to help you break through and experience the highest level of success.  I will be in it from day one. -Shawn E. Gross-
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.
Certified Peer Support Specialist W/Military designation.  WRAP CERTIFIED.

Recovery & Transition Coach.
Certified in DOC Cognitive Behavioral Therapy curriculum and techniques.
Expert at treatment planning, assessment, evaluating & educating.
Trained in crisis management, time management and stress management.
Experienced in development of person centered planning.

Experienced in relapse prevention of addictive behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.
Experienced in conflict resolution techniques.
Experienced in family therapy, personal wellness, working with Veterans and integrating multifaceted behavioral management with co-occurring issues.
Trained and certified in customer service, ethics and cultural diversity.

Well versed in mindfulness, coaching techniques, and supporting the transition process.

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Matthew Wilcox
Staff Sergeant, USAF
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in reference to Shawn Gross and his ability to work with veterans.

I have known Shawn Gross for one year. Shawn’s strengths as a veteran’s counselor are his ability to listen, be available, and follow thru with his commitments. I found Shawn to be self-motivated.

I would recommend Shawn Gross to work with veterans. He has shown understanding of what a veteran faces after discharge due to self-exploration. Shawn is engaged with his
community, and has eagerness to help.

I confidently say that Shawn Gross will be an asset to any organization or any endeavour he chooses to pursue.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss this recommendation further.


Matthew Wilcox
(828) 572-2240
Logan Sipe 
2:36 PM (22 hours ago)

My name is Logan l’m 22 years old and have had Shawn as my Substance Abuse counselor for almost a year now and have way too many good things to say about this guy.
He’s always been willing to talk me through tough, dark times in my life, and really it amazes me how much he can relate to my issues even though I’m quite a bit younger than he is. Shawn really knows his stuff and is always there to just get something off your chest, or whatever you may need, I’ve never met someone so easy to talk to. Overall Shawn has been a blessing in my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

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Logan Sipe 

U.S. Army

To whom this concerns,
My name is Shawn Reynolds and I've known Shawn for 3 years.

Shawn helped me through a rough time in my life with exceptional guidence, an outspoken heart and undivided attention.

Year after year Shawn was always motivated me both professionally and personally. Im writing this letter to testify to the great character of Shawn.
If anybody needs any reference I am an advocate.
Shawn Reynolds

Sara Sweeney

If it weren’t for Shawn I don’t know how I would have gotten through some of my most trying, difficult years in my life. I’ve been through many different treatment programs over the years and Shawn is BY FAR the most genuine and caring counselor I have ever come across.

He gave me the motivation and HONESTY I needed when I needed it most. He never made me feel like I was a disappointment but did make me realize how different my life could be and that I could make the changes I needed to make for that to happen.

At times I felt like giving up but every time I got to that point he walked me through it and never gave up on me. A lot of counselors I’ve dealt with in the past were there to do a job and that’s it. Shawn is completely different, he is personally invested in his patients and genuinely cares about helping people.

I will be forever grateful for Shawn and everything he has done for me. He truly is one of a kind. There is no doubt in my mind that he was put on this earth to help people like myself.
Sara Sweeney